Order custom caps

Instructions Step by Steps

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 (Get In Touch With Us)

Get in touch with us! Email us your design for the caps or tell us your preferences. We can make caps for you with your logo and design or our design and research team can design it for you. 

Step 2 (Design and Sampling)

After the sample payment is done, we will provide you with some designs for sample and some ideas for your caps. When sample will be ready, we will email you the HD pictures of the sample from different angles, after mailing you the sample for approval our team will contact you. 

Step 3 (Giving you a Quote)

After sending you the sample. our sales team will get in touch with you ad give you a quote. the same team will be answering your questions till the delivery is completed.

Step 4 (Bulk Production)

As the sample is approved. The bulk production will take place. Our quality control team will get in touch with you, providing all the information during the process. They will give you the pictures and live video call of the production. 



Step 5 (Delivery)

Once the Production is completed. They will be ready for shipping. we ship worldwide. The shipment will be done by air  (5 to 7 days) or by sea (30 days) . We will provide you the tracking number. For further assistance, feel free to contact us.

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